Sir-Anthony Spease

Sir-Anthony Spease, host of On Air with Sir and head of Live Sircuit Radio, joins us as a guest in our 4th exciting episode. This episode takes a different turn as we get super serious about dating and relationships, which everyone can relate too. You don’t want to miss this one!


Frankie Barrios

Frankie Barrios, actress and employee of the Hollywood Improv, joins us as a guest in our 3rd exciting episode. We delve into such topics as what an annoying fan Clint Eastwood is.

Magnus Chhan

Magnus Chhan, member of the iO West improv house team Gomorrah, joins us as a guest in our 2nd exciting episode. We get a little bit political in this one, discussing our beliefs on imaginary friends rights.

Vladimir Perez

Vladimir Perez (Vlad the Improver), former member of Sea Tea Improv now living in L.A., joins us as a guest in our 1st exciting episode. This episode contains a very memorable session of the classic game “What’s In My Pocket?”