Cara Meyers

Cara Meyers, comedian & writer for Dear Vagina & Global Animal, joins us as a guest in our 9th exciting episode. Kittens, snakes, & strippers all find their way into this crazy episode.

Kovas & Nacho Campos

Kovas & Nacho Campos join us in our 8th exciting episode. This is the first episode where we have a returning guest, & we have two of them! That’s because at Live Jazz: The Comedy Show we take you want & always exceed your expectations! We also have a couple of incredibly exciting secret celebrity guests drop by!


Nacho Campos

Nacho Campos, actor and producer from Costa Rica, joins us as a guest in our 7th exciting episode. We delve into many fascinating subjects including Nacho’s encounters with demons.


Kovas, music artist, producer, and improviser, joins us as a guest in our 6th exciting episode. We finally discuss the art of twists and how we have actually incorporated them throughout our episodes. What a twist!

No Guest

No Guest, an absence of a human being, joins us as a guest in our 5th exciting episode. For the 1st time ever, we interact with some fans outside our studio.