• Darrel Haynes


Darrel Haynes is a comedian, writer, and actor. He hails from way down in Texas where he earned a BFA in Theatre. He then moved to New York City and discovered he liked attempting to make people laugh than all that other stuff he studied. He then make the big move to Los Angeles in September of 2013. He was part of the Magnet Theater sketch team, Jacktown, and is part of a video sketch group, Crafts and Arts Comedy (whose sketches can be found online!). He also does lots of improv (he has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre & Groundlings) and standup all around the city of Los Angeles. When he’s not doing comedy, he can be found doing various nerd things like video games, board games, and, yes, even role-playing games (if you have any information regarding D&D games currently in session or about to be in session, contact him ASAP). He has also been told by friends more than once that he is funny sometimes.

Follow Darrel on twitter @DarrelHaynes

  • Kimberly Hoffman

Kim Hoffman

Kimberly Hoffman is an actress and Los Angeles native. She has a B.A. in Acting from Sonoma State University, where her roles ranged from slutty teenagers to drug addict teenagers. She met Kevin Kauker while performing improv in the theatre building’s basement. After graduating., she met Darrel Haynes while interning for the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. She then convinced him to move to Los Angeles, introduced him to Kevin, and now there’s this show.

She occasionally posts musings on Twitter @KimmyHoffma

  • Kevin Kauker

Kevin Kauker

Kevin Kauker is a comedian, writer, and an actor (I guess). Recently graduated from Sonoma State University, this guy is hitting the comedy scene hard. A long-time improviser, Kevin is now a member of the group ImprovCity, studies with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and co-founder of improv comedy group Yarn (who just finished their European Tour). He writes sketches, poetry, and occasionally plays. Kevin met Kim in 2008, in college, and Darrel in 2013, when he moved to Los Angeles. Kevin Kauker is from Southern California, 5’8″, and he is pretty sure his blood-type is AB+.

Kevin “Cheezasaurus-Rex” Kauker


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